Trendy Hair Cuts For Girl

Flower Braid. Kathleen Kamphausen | Lauren Ahn. A Classy Pony. Kathleen Kamphausen | Lauren Ahn. Easiest Curls Ever. A Twisted Halo. Double-Knotted Pony. Unpolished Bun. Twisted, Tousled Waves. Side-Braided Pony.

Trendy Hair Cuts For Boy

Keep Visiting Your Barber. To look good while growing hair out, keep visiting your barber or stylist. Start Long on Top. Skip the Shampoo. Add Conditioner. Awkward Phases Will Happen. Switch Up Your Products. Embrace the Hair Band. Be Patient.

All Types Of Makeup

Make up is an art,choosing the right make up for the right occasion is a modern art,we will do it for you.leave the worry on us,be it a wedding makeup ,a party out,an out-door dinner meet,a traditional anniversary meet or a formal get to…make up differs come and experience the difference.

All Type Of Hair Cuts

Not sure if long hair goes good on you,wanna try a short one,Professionals are here to analyse the best for you,Be it a layer cut /U cut /bowl cut/blunt bangs cut /choppy bob cut we will make it aesthetically

Sari Wearing

Bridal sari wearing is the centre of attraction on the day of marriage,we can give you the perfect dropping of saree that will speak of your elegance.Not only for brides,we do it for you with varities ranging from silk saree,designer saree to formal cotton saree and georgette sarees.

All Type Of Mehandi

Mehndi is something that every girl has grown up with,Traditional Indian mehandi,Arabic Mehandi,Pakistani Mehandi are some of our styles.The bold fragrance, rich design and deep color of Mehndi on the hands and feet are our trade mark.

Dandruff Treatment

No shampoo wash can eliminate dandruff ,Our therapists give you the perfect treatment for dandruff only after a complete study on the root cause and your scalp wellness.

Hair Fall Treatment

A series of study on your hair strength,scalp,cuticle is done ,depending on which we suggest you this treatment.The intense of the treatment varies with hair and scalp strength but promise for a complete STOP of your hair fall

Hot Oil Massage

As suggested by ayurvedic experts,after a thourough study on your scalp texture our therapists suggest for a hot oil massage which will ensure a complete absorption of oil and essential moisture by every pore on the scalp.

Hair Setting

Our professionals can give you the best of your hair do that you have seen ever,a simple sleek & shiny look,simple braid,French braid,perky side ponny, knotted ponny, sleek knot,fish tail braid,puffy bun,simple bun,voluminous curls,pinned back hair are some of our flavours for you.

Hair Ironing

Our professionals can suggest you for clean and neat hair ironing with safe and permissable usage of heat. Believe us we will not damage your hair.

Hair Straightening

Starighteneing without damaging your hair is our key,our professionals study your hair first and do the magic.Shiny,lustrous ,sleek hair is all yours now.

Hair Paming

Wished to have a permanent wavy hair but worried on hair damage? Wavy hair have been an evergreen hit among girls.We offer quality perming service for you without hair damage.

hair Colouring

Days are changing and style of black hair never remains the same ,different colours are available but we stand unique in giving you herbal colours ,vibrant colours depict your mood and style.