Our Services

We promise for the best service that you have ever received,W have something unique and something wonderful for everyone of you,come and take a try on our services,we promise you will leave with a happy mood as you can re-discover your glowing,young,blooming,charming,youthful,blissful looks


We offer a complete facial care range to bring out the best in your skin’s natural radiance. Formulated using effective, natural ingredients assist in balancing the skin’s natural oils, leaving it soft, nourished and can be sure you will leave with healthier, radiant and happier skin.


Fair and Flawless skin is what you need? Skin friendly bleach ranges are available to choose.Our ranges stand out in the market to give you an improvement in the skin tone

Neck Bleach

The often ignored skin is the skin on neck,Though prone to damage its often ignored on all our skin care routine,Our range of Neck Bleach promises to provide you a good improvement on your skin tone.

Under Eye Treatment

Dark circles,puffy eyes have been addressed as the most common problem among ladies.Our ender eye treatment enriched with vitamin E ensures for a complete rejuvenation and nourishment of the sensitive under eye skin.

pimple Treatment

Pimples are difficult to handle with home remedies,We offer a professionally mastered service on pimple treatment to ensure that your skin remains the same without the effect of pimple .

Skin Polishing

Cleansing ,Scrubbig the dead cells,toning and closing all open pores makes your smooth and gives you a polishes and young look.Skin polishing ranges are suitable for ladies of all age groups and its customizable depending on age and life style

Acne Scarring

Acne will leave its scar, as we grow these are noticeable as skin looses its collagen.Our treatments ensure that collagen is nourished into the skin and the scars are removed gradually.

Herbal Worts Removing

We provide you the simplest and safe method to remove warts from your skin.No chemical based creams or heat treatments will be used to ensure the smoothness of the skin.

Sun Tan Removing

Tanned skin looks dull and lifeless,Though many skin tan creams are available in market,results are not defined.We offer you a quality service on removing your tan with all-natural products.

Pedicure & Manicure

Your hands and feet do a lot for you. Give them the pampering they deserve with our special treatments designed to indulge your nails and skin. We’ll soften, exfoliate, massage, buff, shape and polish to perfection to render your hands and feet absolutely fabulous. Please note all our nail polishes are safe and tested.


We offer a wide range of waxing services from experienced staff. We use certified natural based waxes that offer the best results and are suitable for clients with sensitivies & dryness

Body SPA

The All natural Spa is Unique of its kind with its unparallel treatments that could be customized for every individual referring to their age and life style. Treatments what we offer just promise for a difference as we believe beauty is not in body alone,it’s a holistic approach where body & mind is to be relaxed and rejuvenated

Hair SPA

Dry, Dull,Damaged,Rough,Brittle hair is your worry? We offer a combo of treatments with safe and natural ingredients that promise you for a shine and blissful hair

Breast growing & Lifting

We provide you the best of service for an increase in blood flow in and around the breast,to assure for a firm increase in tissue growth naturally.The products used promise for stimulating breast enlarging hormones .

Stretch Mark removing

Stretch Marks can be threat for your image if left untreated for years.WE come up with safe remedies to get rid of those stretch marks be it after pregnancy ,obesity we can guide you with our systematic schedule to see the changes

Hair Cutting

Keep Visiting Your Barber. To look good while growing hair out, keep visiting your barber or stylist. Start Long on Top. Skip the Shampoo. Add Conditioner. Awkward Phases Will Happen. Switch Up Your Products. Embrace the Hair Band. Be Patient.

Hair Colouring

Brown hair, Blond hair, Black hair, Auburn hair, Red hair, Gray and white hair, Aging or achromotrichia.

Foot Crack Remedies

Do you feel too ashamed to remove your shoes in public because of cracks in your heels? While we spend a lot of time caring for our face, our feet are mostly ignored. It is this lack of care and hygiene that causes your heels to crack. If that is the case, we have got you covered.